YMG is an Organisation that empowers young men towards finding direction in their lives  so that they can reach their full potential.
  • Empower young men with self-belief so the vision for themselves comes from them and them alone.
  • Provide the right guidance so they have a roadmap for where they need to go.
  • Equipping young men with the practical tools to make it happen and regain control.

What makes us different?

YMG process is solutions-focused and fuses evidence-based behaviour science with real-world experience.

Dean Quirke, the founder of Young Men’s Group, identified a great need within society for young men to associate with positive male role models to address the non-resourceful behaviours that lead to violence on our streets.

He believes that a young man that has integrated a variety of positive life skills along with developing purpose will become a positive role model for other young men and will improve his service to the community.

Last year YMG received club grant funding to deliver the foundation & leadership programs across five schools in Fairfield. So far we have completed the foundation program and we now require your help as a mentor to assist our young men in the transition to adulthood.


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